November 14-16, 2016
To Be Determined, Coronado

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Aid for Elites: Building Partner Nations and Ending Poverty through Human Capital

An excerpt from the book by Mark Moyar on how current foreign aid programs are failing because they are based upon flawed assumptions about how countries develop. They attempt to achieve development without first achieving good governance and security, which are essential prerequisites for sustainable development. In focusing on the poorer members of society, they neglect the elites upon whose leadership the quality of governance and security depends.

Year in Special Operations

The 2014 edition of Defense Media Network’s The Year in Special Operations offers a comprehensive assessment of all major SOF developments for the last 12 months.

Key interviews include: Adm. William H. McRaven, USN – Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command; Brig. Gen. Edward M. Reeder Jr., USA – Commanding General, U.S. Army Special Forces Command and the 1st Special Forces Regiment; and Rear Adm. Sean A. Pybus, USN – Commander, U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command.  We take a look at AFSOC Combat Controllers, get mobile with SEALs during training, receive an update from Maj. Gen. Richard Comer on the CV-22 Osprey.


SOF Developing Human Capital in Foreign Countries

In this interview, Dr. Mark Moyar, Director of the Center for Military and Diplomatic History, discusses the flaws with how the U.S. has approached providing foreign aid in the recent past, and how to implement a program that would see more success, the role Special Operations play in the building of Human Capital, and how we can implement their capabilities to develop better results, and key focus areas of human capital development that can affect the most change in the regions in which U.S. Special Operations finds itself operating in today.

Working in the Field: Weapons, Transport, and Tech – Green Berets

In this interview, SGM Stephen Durfee shares what weapons, technology and equipment he currently uses as a Special Forces leader. He also delves into what elements will be required to build and sustain a globalized special operations network in real operational environments.


The Future Threat Environment

Theresa Whelan, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict, discusses 2030 global trends, the big picture of future threats, challenges moving forward and more.

Next Generation Technology - Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

Capt. Vincent Martinez, USN is the DOD Deputy Manager, and EOD Technology Commanding Officer at the NSWC Indian Head EOD Technology Division. In this presentation he discusses EOD tools of the past, present and future, current and emerging situations such as unmanned platforms, innovation challenges and what is needed to upgrade armor.

US Army Special Forces

Stephen Durfee, 1st Special Forces Group, speaks about US Army Special Forces Task Org and Operations, Selection Assessment and Qualification Course, Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha, and the US Army Special Forces Future.

Past Presentation: Robert Bruckner: USAF Special Operations School: Turning Airmen Into Air Commandos

A presentation given by Colonel Bob Bruckner, USAFSOS, Commandant.


U.S. Special Operations Command is Engineering a Next-Generation Exoskeleton to Keep Operators Alive

U.S. Special Operations Command is making progress researching, developing and testing a next-generation Iron Man-like suit designed to increase strength and protection and help keep valuable operators alive when they kick down doors and engage in combat, officials said. Article courtesy of Scout Warrior.

When the goldfish meets the anaconda

Gathering information about Operation Anaconda, which took place in March 2002 and was the first major battle of the Afghanistan war after Tora Bora, is not hard by any means. The internet is full of firsthand accounts of what had happened and the lessons ostensibly learned from the operation. Rather than offer any judgmental assessments of anyone in particular, my intent in this article is to map out the dynamics of the many decision-making layers during a complex military operation, using Anaconda as a case study. Keep reading Colonel Imre Porkoláb article here

Rapid Solutions for Complex Solutions: SOF Expanding Capabilities to 2014 and Beyond

One of the most difficult things is dealing with an insurgency that is being controlled not only within Afghanistan but from outside their common borders”. In the following interview, Australian Brigadier General Mark Smethurst briefly explores the prioritization efforts currently going on and speaks about the role of special operations in the international security assistance force arena. Read on

Wireless Technology Brings Crosshair From Thermal Sights to Night Vision Goggle Display

The U.S. Army plans to connect night vision to weapons sights and have this technology operational by 2018. Courtesy of ScoutWarrior

U.S. Special Operations Command is Engineering a Next-Generation Exoskeleton to Keep Operators Alive

U.S, Special Operations Command Plans to Have Some Initial TALOS Iron Man suit Prototypes by 2018. Courtesy of ScoutWarrior 

Army Lab Integrates Future Soldier Technology

Lighter weight protective body armor and undergarments, conformal wearable computers and integrated sensors powered by emerging battery technologies --- are all part of the Army’s cutting-edge scientific initiative aimed at shaping, enhancing and sustaining the Soldier of the Future. Courtesy of ScoutWarrior


Exclusive Video – Harnessing & Empowering Structured Data

Find out how you can power your training simulators and computer-based simulations, and your modeling, research and analysis solutions with the most reliable and up to date open source Aerospace, Defense and Maritime data from IHS.