November 14-16, 2016
To Be Determined, Coronado

What Some of our Attendees Had to Say about Special Operations Summit:

“Very informative with respect to need of the SOCOM community.” _ (Integration Innovation, Inc. (i3))

“Our meeting with key people to help us bring next gen technology to SOF.” _ David Pearce (Pulcra Chemicals LLC)

“Excellent speakers. Good use of visuals.” _ Robert Dolan (Army - Retired)

“Update on SOF and excellent networking opportunity.” _ Stanley A. Tan (Fayetteville VA Medical Center)

“Excellent presentations, great networking. Special Ops as great as ever and getting greater.” _ John Mcnamara (USAF - Retired)

“Kudos! This conference covered the entire spectrum: great/informative presentations, plenty of networking/collaborating breaks, and even a field trip to the shooting range!” _ Mike Wicks (Integration Innovation, Inc. (i3))